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SharePoint Framework Tic-Tac-Toe Webpart

Hi Friends, Now enjoy with work. Play tic-tac-toe and give your mind a bit relaxing so you can energize yourself for the tough job you do all day in office. Click here to get the Source Code This webpart is created for fun during work, so whenever you get exhausted with work , you can easily relax yourself and make yourself ready again for the heavy duty in the office. WebPart Features !!! Game Stats: Keeps the record of the total games you played, you won and also the computer won Even if you need to navigate to the page , don’t worry you’ll not loose your scores Don’t underestimate your opponent Fully responsive, so no matter on which device you play Click here to get the Source Code Configuration Configuration is pretty simple as you only need to install the webpart in your tenant and done. No access required for the SharePoint object so no need to worry for security. Click here to get the Source Code Dep

How to resolve certificate issue in SharePoint Framework Solution

Hi Friends, Today i will be discussing about the certificate issue when we run the gulp command and try to run the SharePoint Framework Solution in local workbench. Issue: Warning - [spfx-serve] When serving in HTTPS mode, a PFX cert path or a cert path and a key path must be provided, or a dev certificate must be generated and trusted. If a SSL certificate isn't provided, a default, self-signed certificate will be used. Expect browser security warnings . If you read the issue , the issue is that it does not find the certificate that shows trust in the URL you are accessing, because of which you see the following message on the screen. Solution: So here is the simple solution and you won’t experience this issue any more. In your solution open the node command prompt. If you are working in Visual code then open the solution and then press the ~ + Cntrl . Now follow the 2 steps: Execute the command gulp trust-dev-cert Click Y

SharePoint Framework Weather webpart

Hi Friends, I have come up with a weather webpart, to let you know about the weather outside event when you are working inside. Weather webpart is the most common webpart many of the user love to have them on their site. So, I have created a weather webpart which fetches its data from yahoo and displays in a very beautiful format. Webpart Features Weather webpart displays the following information High Temperature Low Temperature Wind speed Humidity Sunrise Sunset Condition Image Forecast for upto 10 days Day and date display for easy readability You can configure the webpart with just few clicks Enter any City name and see the results right away Option to select between the Celsius and Fahrenheit Select how many days to be displayed in the forecast. Easy to use slider to select the days Show the information when the information was last updated Option to display only the header with the temperature

Debug SharePoint Framework Solution in Visual Code

Hi Friends, the very common thing that we miss while coding SharePoint Framework solution is the debugging functionality like we use to did in the C# coding using Visual Studio. But now you can debug you code in the same way you use to do earlier using visual studio code. Yes, and it is pretty easy and you can have all the functionalities that you use to have.To debug you code just follow the below steps. Adding Extension for debugging. The first thing you need to do if the Add the extension in your visual code “ Debugger for Chrome ”. Using this extension then you can debug your code using the Chrome browser. For now we have only the chrome extension available but we may see more browsers coming up with the options. To add the extension click on the Extensions in the menu pane on the left or press Ctrl + Shift + X. Then search for the extension with the name “Debugger for Chrome” and then install it. After the extension is installed there are some configur