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SPFx Chat Bot - using SharePoint Framework Extension

Hi Friends,
Today I have created an SPFx chatbot using the SharePoint Framework extension. This is a small simple to configure bot. It consumes the QnAMaker API to retrieve the answers for the asked questions.
The code can be found hereFeatures !!Easy to configure with little configurationsCompatible with the promptsDisplays the formatted text as done in the knowledgebaseCan filter on single metadata value as well as multi valuesOption to select the operator for the filter valuesIts an SPFx extension, so can be deployed at a site collection level or the tenant level
Configuration Needed. Login to the QnAMaker.aiCreate the knowledgebase (follow steps here )Got to the settings follow the markers below to retrieve the configuration
To get the source code click here
Working Demo

Steps for deploymentThere are 2 ways how you can deploy Deploying package directlyTo deploy the package directly follow the below steps Go to the release page on Github by clicking hereDownload the .sppkg file from the la…

Speed up your development by speeding gulp serve

Hi friends,I have been not a very big fond of PnP solutions, but sometimes they do really great. Today they have come up with a real booster to the SPFx development. Most of us when working on a big SPFx solution with 5 or more webparts in a solution then we must have felt that the gulp serve process is too slow to build the solution and keeps on decreasing as the solution size increases.
Now there is a solution to the problem.Steps...Install the npm package globally
run the command
install the package
execute the command
And that's it.

Once the npm run serve is executed, it will call the gulp serve and then see the magic, by changing any of the file and save the file,
With my personal experience, it was taking more than 2 mins now it's just the matter of milliseconds Support:It supports the SharePoint Framework 1.4.1 and above (not SP2016), so no worries and build fast.
For more documentation on how it does the magic, click here
Here is the youtube video which explains the process and…

Learning fast development : ECMA script useful methods


Export SharePoint List to Microsoft Word using SharePoint Framework Extension (List view command set)

Hi Friends,With the introduction of SharePoint list view formatting, I have realized that the scope of playing with the lists has also increased. I was working on one of the list view formatting and thought how if someone wants to export the list items to a Microsoft word?

For example, if one creates the FAQ in a SharePoint list, it can be made visibly beautiful using the list view formatted, but if they need to export the same in a word document then?
So I came up with the idea of exporting the SharePoint List items in the Microsoft Word format and created an extension which with one click exports the list items in the Microsoft Word.
for source code click here.
Features..!!Exports all the list items from the SharePoint list to the Microsoft Word with beautiful formatting.Want to export only a few items? Just select the items and click on the export and it will export only the ones you want.Export the items with fields based on the current view fieldsIf the view contains exactly 2 colum…

SharePoint List View Row Formatting: Ideation Management

Hi Friends,
In this blog, I have created a formatted for the ideation management. In most of the organizations we do have it, some are having it as an isolated product and some of them have it in a SharePoint List. 

So I have come up with a design, which will help in managing the ideation more efficiently. Look into the features and it might attract you 😊
You can find the code here
Features..!!Clear identification of the stage of the ideaFilter on the base of the stage of the ideaClear display of the estimated budget and benefits from the ideaClear display of the Risk of the ideaAssign medal to the idea which is most valuable
Columns needed for the viewTitleDescriptionSubmitterBudget CostBenefit EstimateRisk RatingStageAssign Medal
Hope this view will help you.
Happy Coding..!! #Microsoft #SharePointWidgets #ListViewFormatting

SharePoint List View Row Formatting: Deployment Schedule

Hi Friends,
Many of us have maintains the deployment schedule in SharePoint List and with a lot of columns and information, it is really painful to have a view with all relevant information. Today I had worked on the SharePoint Deployment Schedule list to give it an interactive view so that one can know about the status one first sight.

Code can be found here
With the help of JSON, the view displays the current status of the deployment for different environments, the responsible person, and the spring in which it was to be deployed. There are two views, List View
Tile View
To get the view following columns will be needed TitleApplicationPackage VersionStatusQA DeploymentUAT DeploymentPROD DeploymentResponsibleQA Deployment SprintUAT Deployment SprintPROD Deployment Sprint
Hope this post will help you.

Happy Coding..!! #Microsoft #SharePointWidgets #ListViewFormatting

Rename Folder using Microsoft Flow / Power Automate in a Document Library in SharePoint Online

Hi Friends,
Today blog is about renaming the folder in the document library using the MS FLOW or MS Power Automate. When I started working on this it seems to be an easy job, but if you look into the connectors you'll find it really difficult as there is no straight forwards connector to do the job.

Issues encounteredIf you try using the "Get Folder Metadata" connector, you'll not be able to get the ID of the folder as it is returning as the negative value.If you get the ID somehow and try to update the folder name using the "Update File Properties" connector, you'll end up renaming only the title of the folder, but it will still have the old name as the display name which in case is again a failure.There is no other connector which can be utilized to achieve the task of renaming the folder in a document library directly.
SolutionThe solution is a simple three-step (at least in this example).
Step 1: Initialize variablesIn case you are computing values for …

Connect-PnPOnline Error: "Token request failed"

Hi friends,
I was working on PnP Powershell and while trying to connect it to the site via AppId & AppSecret or ClientId & ClientSecret I started getting the error: "Connect-PnPOnline: Token request failed". After a lot of googling, I got the solution or say the root cause of the issue.

Find out the expiration dates of the SharePoint Add-ins installed to the Office 365 tenancy When a SharePoint add-in is created, the ClientId and ClientSecret is valid for the duration of 1 year, after that you need to renew the ClientSecret. To verify the valid keys in your tenant execute the below code
Step 1: Install the MSOnline moduleTo get the information, you need to install the MSOnline module. To install open the Powershell application with the Administrator rights and execute the below command

This will install the necessary module
Step 2: Check for the valid ClientId'sExecute the below code in the Powershell. This will return all the valid ClientID's. Below script will fi…

List View row Formatting: Discussion Board

Hi Friends,
I have seen that in on-prem many of the users are using the discussion feature, but in SharePoint Online we do not have this feature. To give it a thought I have implemented somewhat similar functionality.

Discussion board formatting gives the ability to showcase the discussion which is a page, under specific category which will make more sense to the discussion board. So, whatever category you want to create, create the folder for that and the corresponding pages beneath it.
This discussion board formatted displays the banner image (not the thumbnail image) and showcases it in the front along with the title, description, Likes, Comments, Date of last edit, and the owner of the page(not the author).
No new column needs to be created only the existing column needs to be added to the view. For that execute the below PnP code

# If want to modify the existing view Set-PnPView-List "Site Pages"-Identity "<Name of the view>"-Fields "Modified", &qu…