SPFx Chat Bot - using SharePoint Framework Extension

 Hi Friends,

Today I have created an SPFx chatbot using the SharePoint Framework extension. This is a small simple to configure bot. It consumes the QnAMaker API to retrieve the answers for the asked questions.

SPFx Chat Bot - using SharePoint Framework Extension

The code can be found here

Features !!

  • Easy to configure with little configurations
  • Compatible with the prompts
  • Displays the formatted text as done in the knowledgebase
  • Can filter on single metadata value as well as multi values
  • Option to select the operator for the filter values
  • Its an SPFx extension, so can be deployed at a site collection level or the tenant level
SPFx Chat Bot - using SharePoint Framework Extension

Configuration Needed.

  • Login to the QnAMaker.ai
  • Create the knowledgebase (follow steps here )
  • Got to the settings 
  • follow the markers below to retrieve the configuration
SPFx Chat Bot - using SharePoint Framework Extension

To get the source code click here

Working Demo

SharePoint Framework chatbot using SPFx Extension

Steps for deployment

There are 2 ways how you can deploy

  • Deploying package directly
To deploy the package directly follow the below steps
  • Go to the release page on Github by clicking here
  • Download the .sppkg file from the latest release
  • Deploy the file in App Catalogue
  • When deployed successfully navigate to  Site Contents --> Tenant Wise Extensions
  • Look for the entry "ChatBot" 
  • Edit the item and fill in the Component Properties

  • Deploying via building the codebase
To deploy the package via build
  • Make a clone of the repository
  • Navigate to the folder sharepoint > assets
  • Update the properties in both ClientSiteInstance.xml & elements.xml file
  • Execute the below commands
    • npm install
    • npm bundle --ship
    • npm package-solution --ship
  • Navigate to the folder sharepoint > solution
  • you'll find the spfxqnabot.sppkg file
  • Follow the Steps mentioned in "Deploying package directly"

You can also check out my video on youtube

Happy Coding...!!
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  1. when i upload app It shows that I have a err " invaild sharepoint app package error hexadecimal value line 7 postion 68"

    1. Hi, can you please send me the screenshot of the error on sumit.kanchan04@gmail.com

    2. Hi, issue has been fixed, please take the latest code/sppkg file from GitHub.

      Sumit Kanchan

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Could you explain step by step because I have a problem with uploading the application pls

  4. Hey, thank you for the project it's really cool. I have a question please how to connect this with a directline secret whitout passing with Q&A Maker. thank you

    1. Good to know that you find the project interesting :). As for the question is to bypass the QnA Maker, we cannot as the KB and service is provided by the QnA Maker. Not sure if I have answered your query. Please let me know if I have misunderstood your query.

    2. Actually I want to connect the bot with a directline service without using th e Q&A maker !

  5. I have a QnA Maker multi-turn knowledge base set up, where I provide the user with clickable options versus just typing random text in the box. I have found several of these types of projects on Github but none of them seem to work with the conversational multi-turn QnA Maker template. Thoughts?

    1. What error are you getting, Can you look into the browser logs and network logs if you are getting anything there. I have checked the application with multi-turn KB and it works just fine.

  6. Hello thank you for the project it's good but I have a question please how replace connection with a directline secret whitout passing with Q&A Maker. thank you

  7. What exactly are the configuration steps and location to make these? That info seems to be left out here and on the Git site.

    1. Configuration steps are mentioned in the same blog as well...

  8. Hi, i guess QnA maker is getting retirved..Can you please confirm if this bot will support new language services?

  9. Hello, can it be used in SharePoint 2019 on-premise?


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