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Custom Control for Property Pane in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Solution

Hi Friends, In today's blog I will be explaining how to create a custom control for Property pane in SharePoint Framework, Many times we need a functionality which we cannot be fulfilled using the OOB (out-of-box) controls. For which we have to go with the customized solution. A very basic need that I encountered and will showcase in this blog is the display of colored text with some sort of icon in the Property Pane. For this we can use label but you cannot change the color of the text and there is no property to handle the icon class as well or you cannot add custom css based on the logic. So to demonstrate and understand how the custom control can be created and functions in Property pane of a SharePoint Framework solution. To implement this functionality I will be extending the properties of a Label and adding some more properties to achieve the functionality. Let's start with the structure and it's explanation then we'll move through the code inside