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3 Steps to setup SharePoint Framework Development Environment

Hi Friends, In this blog I will tell you 3 easy steps to setup the SharePoint Framework development. Setting up SharePoint Framework development environment requires different commands to be executed so your machine can have all the required setups. Step 1: Install Node.js To install Node.js download the installer from the below link and install. You do not need to change any configuration on the multiple screens just hit 'Next' Button and you are done. Link to Node.js setup: NOTE : Do not forget to re-start the machine otherwise it won't be able to recognize the commands in the below steps Role of Node.js in the SharePoint Environment setup Node.js is the most important part in the SharePoint Framework environment. It acts as a local server to compile, build and run the SharePoint environment locally. Having server locally makes the development much faster and easier. This means if your SharePoint App is not accessing Sha