4 Useful VS Code extensions for SharePoint Framework components

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Today I will talk about the most useful VS Code extensions, that will help in the productivity of specifically SharePoint Framework projects.

As a developer, we waste a lot of time in the tasks that could be done easily via extensions support or shortcut keys. In this blog post, I will discuss some of these extensions that will increase the productivity and the style of your code.
With an increase in productivity, the styling also holds an important value as it makes the code more readable and understandable which increases the focus time. So let's dive then !!
VS Code Extensions !!Debugger for Chrome: A very important extension if you are a SharePoint online developer (developing SharePoint framework components) then it is a must to have this extension. This extension helps in debugging the SharePoint Framework components just as we used to do in the C# server-side coding. For details on how to configure, you can read my previous post on Debug S…

SharePoint Online list conditional formatting and list forms formatting

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As of today's update Microsoft is coming up with some new features as part of the SharePoint list and list forms formatting are concerned.

Below are the highlights of the video:New Term has been introduced: RULESUsing these rules one can do the column formatting without writing the JSONCustomization of list forms (apart from PowerApps)Show/Hide of columns conditionallyRe-arrange the rendering of the fields (sorting)

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Powershell script to delete the Modern Pages in SharePoint Online

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In one of the scenarios I have written a PowerShell script to delete large number of pages. Since this activity can be very common, so I thought to share it here as well.

Here is the PowerShell script.

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Random Color Generator using js

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Today I felt the need to get the random color in one of my tasks, so i thought to share the code here as well, as sometimes they are great time savers.

So in this code below, it will generate the random color everytime the method is called

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SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Tab Control (react)

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This time I have worked upon a tab control which is still missing from Microsoft sample collection. I personally felt this tab control webpart can be of use in many scenarios.

I have used the Rich Text editor for the implementation, where whenever a new tab is added , the text editor automatically gets associated with the tab. Since it is the rich text editor so you can do almost everything you want to display with all the custom formatting options available.

Source Code on GitHub

Features !No configuration for the webpart to useSafe and fast as there is no external saving of dataRich Text editor increases lot of possibilities how you use itLight weight control
Installation$ npm install $ gulp clean $ gulp bundle --ship $ gulp package-solution --ship
Below are some of the images that demonstrates the webpart.

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Please provide your comments , if you need any more feature or how you like the control.
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Custom Control for Property Pane in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Solution

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In today's blog I will be explaining how to create a custom control for Property pane in SharePoint Framework,

Many times we need a functionality which we cannot be fulfilled using the OOB (out-of-box) controls. For which we have to go with the customized solution. A very basic need that I encountered and will showcase in this blog is the display of colored text with some sort of icon in the Property Pane.

For this we can use label but you cannot change the color of the text and there is no property to handle the icon class as well or you cannot add custom css based on the logic. So to demonstrate and understand how the custom control can be created and functions in Property pane of a SharePoint Framework solution.

To implement this functionality I will be extending the properties of a Label and adding some more properties to achieve the functionality.

Let's start with the structure and it's explanation then we'll move through the code inside it.

So as per…

Model Driven App in PowerApps

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Today blog is about the basic understanding of the Model Driven PowerApps. After too much googling for the understanding I have found this 4 video series, after which you will have a better idea about the Model Drive PowerApps.

Getting Started with Model Driven Apps
Model Driven App Components Part 1
Model Driven App Components Part II
Model Driven App Components Part III

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