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Key Points to maximize you SharePoint Migration using Sharegate.

  Many organizations are going through a shift of platforms i.e... from on-premise solutions to online solutions, and SharePoint is one of the major platforms. In this article, I will be highlighting some basic key concepts which might help you out in maximizing the amount of data transfer from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online using Sharegate as a tool. The suggestions I mentioned in the article are based on my years of experience, and might not suit some scenarios Computing Power Many of us think that while using Sharegate we do not require a powerful system for migration as it is just the transfer of data. But that is not correct as before sending the data, Sharegate does a lot of processing. So having a powerful computing machine will speed up the processing and you can gain the speed. Though Sharegate recommends optimal performance with 4 cores, my suggestion is to go with a minimum of  8 CPU cores 32Gb RAM 256 GB of SSD This will give the maximum resources and power to c