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Nintex workflow statistics Powershell Query : SharePoint 2010


Latest Updates Microsoft SharePoint Online in Site Improvements , List and Library Improvements and Page Authoring

Hi Friends, here comes the Microsoft latest update that they will come up with in the region of the site improvements, list and library improvements and page authoring improvements.

Site Improvements:

Navigate through the major portions of the page using reserved tab stops.Take advantage of the new accessible SharePoint Online page authoring experience for edit and view your home page.Proper field types and labels that provide details to screen reader users on what each field is and how to use it.

List and Library Improvements:

Keyboard shortcuts for all major list functions, including a shortcut (SHIFT+F10) for the details menu. Press the question mark “?” to browse the full list of shortcuts.Up and Down Arrow keys navigate between list items. Left and Right Arrow keys navigate between columns.Action confirmations when you updated list item fields.Focus returns to where you were when you finish working in the list and exit, so you never have to start from the top of the page.
Page Author…

Custom Gulp tasks in SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Solution

Hi Friends,

There are many scenarios where we need some custom task to be performed and would prefer to perform that task as automation process. A very good example that i remember right now is the updating the version in the config.json before creating the package. It is very common to forget to update the package and then we need to build the solution again as the changes will not reflect if the version is not increased..

So here I'll guide how you can create our own gulp task and make most of the work automated by writing simple commands.

I this example i will be updating the minor version if the mode is debug else major version will be updated. Secondly, if the build is SHIP then it will compile and also build the packages. So in short you only need to execute a single command to perform all the actions at once.

The below code creates a task by the name 'createPackage' and describes the execute command

Happy Coding 🎺
Sumit Kanchan

Update package.json to get latest packages in SharePoint Framework Solution

Hi Friends,

We are getting constantly updated packages from Microsoft and it's hard to determine what all packages have been published since you created you SharePoint Framework project. So to deal with this problem we can run the below commands and make this hectic task a much simple one.

As we know until the package.json is updated it will not get the latest package no matter how many times you install the packages. So to updates the package.json in the SharePoint Framework solution you just need to run the following commands in your solution

npm install -g npm-check-updates : This will install the npm package globally. Installing it globally will allow the package to be used in all the solution without re-installing it

npm-check-update -u: Checks and updates all the packages in your package.json and updates them with the lates versions. Note this step only updates the package,json with the latest version of the packages referred in the solution

npm install: This will install all …