Latest Updates Microsoft SharePoint Online in Site Improvements , List and Library Improvements and Page Authoring

Hi Friends, here comes the Microsoft latest update that they will come up with in the region of the site improvements, list and library improvements and page authoring improvements.

Site Improvements:

  • Navigate through the major portions of the page using reserved tab stops.
  • Take advantage of the new accessible SharePoint Online page authoring experience for edit and view your home page.
  • Proper field types and labels that provide details to screen reader users on what each field is and how to use it.

List and Library Improvements:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for all major list functions, including a shortcut (SHIFT+F10) for the details menu. Press the question mark “?” to browse the full list of shortcuts.
  • Up and Down Arrow keys navigate between list items. Left and Right Arrow keys navigate between columns.
  • Action confirmations when you updated list item fields.
  • Focus returns to where you were when you finish working in the list and exit, so you never have to start from the top of the page.

Page Authoring Improvements:

  • Landmarks and headings for easy navigation across major areas of the page.
  • Web part focus zones to make it easy to setup and edit a web part. In edit mode, just press Enter to navigate into the web part, then use the Tab and Arrow keys to navigate within the web part.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the rich text editor allow you to jump to the command bar and execute common text commands such as bold, italics, underline, and so on.
  • Focus automatically goes to the caption field when you add images or video web parts, to encourage you to add alternative text descriptions of the images.
  • Page authoring automatically confirms actions that you take when you update web part properties, use the rich text editor commands, and so on. You never have to question an action again.

Lets see when they hit the road. Now i'll keep posting all the latest updates that Microsoft is cumming up in this blog. So keep following and keep sharing.

Happy Coding
- Sumit Kancahn


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