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SharePoint Framework (SPFx) : Cascade dropdown in webpart properties

Hi Friends, In this blog I will be creating a cascade drop down in the webpart properties of a SharePoint Framework - SPFx webpart. In my previous post I have shown how to create a dynamically populated dropdown in the SharePoint Framework SPFx webpart . This blog will be in continuation to that, where I will be extending the previous example to populating the list in the dropdown. In this example I will be showing all the "Views" for the selected list. As we usually comes with the scenario where we need the cascade dropdown. For full code files you can refer here on github. Step 1: Setting up your SharePoint environment If you have not yet setup your SharePoint environment , then refer to my previous blog on Setting up your SharePoint environment . Step 2: Creating a empty SharePoint Framework Project Create a empty SharePoint Framework project. If you are new than refer to my previous article on Set up your new SPFx project .  Step 3: Ins

Show your SharePoint Framework web part in full Width layout

Hi friends, By default when you create a full width layout we can have only 2 web part by default Image WebPart Hero WebPart So it becomes very difficult if you are creating some webpart which needs to be shown as a full width webpart..  Now the good news is that , it is now possible to show your custom control creating in SharePoint Framework to be shown on the full width. With just minor changes you can achieve this. Open your webpart's manifest file and add the property " supportsFullBleed: true ". This property will allow the webpart to be shown as an option in the full width. Below is the config file where change needs to be made As shown in the image below the webpart is shown as an option. Happy Coding - Sumit Kanchan