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Powershell script to delete the Modern Pages in SharePoint Online

Hi Friends, In one of the scenarios I have written a PowerShell script to delete large number of pages. Since this activity can be very common, so I thought to share it here as well. Here is the PowerShell script. Happy Coding Sumit Kanchan #SharePointWidgets #Powershell

Random Color Generator using js

Hi friends, Today I felt the need to get the random color in one of my tasks, so i thought to share the code here as well, as sometimes they are great time savers. So in this code below, it will generate the random color everytime the method is called Happy coding Sumit Kanchan #SharePointWidgets

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) Tab Control (react)

Hi Friends, This time I have worked upon a tab control which is still missing from Microsoft sample collection. I personally felt this tab control webpart can be of use in many scenarios. I have used the Rich Text editor for the implementation, where whenever a new tab is added , the text editor automatically gets associated with the tab. Since it is the rich text editor so you can do almost everything you want to display with all the custom formatting options available. Source Code on GitHub Features ! No configuration for the webpart to use Safe and fast as there is no external saving of data Rich Text editor increases lot of possibilities how you use it Light weight control Installation $ npm install $ gulp clean $ gulp bundle --ship $ gulp package-solution --ship Below are some of the images that demonstrates the webpart. View Mode Edit Mode Please provide your comments , if you need any more feature or how you like the control. Hap