Speed up your development by speeding gulp serve

 Hi friends,

I have been not a very big fond of PnP solutions, but sometimes they do really great. Today they have come up with a real booster to the SPFx development. Most of us when working on a big SPFx solution with 5 or more webparts in a solution then we must have felt that the gulp serve process is too slow to build the solution and keeps on decreasing as the solution size increases.

Now there is a solution to the problem.


  • Install the npm package globally

  • run the command

  • install the package

  • execute the command

And that's it.

Once the npm run serve is executed, it will call the gulp serve and then see the magic, by changing any of the file and save the file,

With my personal experience, it was taking more than 2 mins now it's just the matter of milliseconds


It supports the SharePoint Framework 1.4.1 and above (not SP2016), so no worries and build fast.

For more documentation on how it does the magic, click here

Here is the youtube video which explains the process and steps

Happy Coding..!!
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