Cloud Computing: Some of the common used terms


Today, I will be starting to include my articles on the topic of cloud computing, since I am from a Microsoft stack background so mostly Azure but in the future, I will try to cover AWS and Google as well. So to start with I will be sharing the concepts of some very commonly used terms in this field

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet

Cloud computing consists of 2 major things

  • Computation
  • Storage

What is meant by High Availability?

High availability is the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for which the provider commits the uptime of the service provided to the consumer.
  • There is a difference between the uptime of 99% and 99.9%
Usually, we think that there is not much difference between 99% and 99.9%  uptime, but the below image can explain, so choose wisely.

What is meant by Scalability?

Scalability is the ability to adjust resources to meet demand
  • Vertical Scalability: To add/reduce the capabilities of the resources to meet demand eg: CPU, Storage, etc..
  • Horizontal Scalability: To add/remove the number of resources to meet demand eg: VM

What is meant by Reliability?

Reliability is the ability of the system to recover from failures and continue to function. Cloud by virtue is a decentralized design that lets you deploy the components in different regions. If any regions have a catastrophic event, it can switch to a different region automatically.

What is meant by Predictability?

Cloud helps in predicting the cost and performance
  • Performance: Predictability helps in autoscaling the resources if the demand is high and when it's low it goes back to the originally assigned resources.
  • Cost: It predicts the cost based on the pattern of use.

What is meant by Management of the cloud?

Refers to the management of cloud resources, such as scaling up/down of the resources, creating templates for quick deployment, etc...

What is meant by Management in the cloud?

Refers to the management of the cloud environment using the command line interface, web portal, API, etc...


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